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Thapobhoomi, stemming from the words thapas (Penance) and bhoomi (land), is truly a place from where one can attain the true experience of Yoga through purity of mind and body. Such yogic practices lead a person to the highest mental and physical state of bliss.

This purification process is now attained on the holy soil of Pazhayannur on the Banks of "River Gayathri", Thrissur, Kerala. Hence we have aptly named this Abode of peace and serenity ‘Thapobhoomi’. It is believed that years ago, Shaivite yogi called Muneeshvaran meditated on this very land to achieve enlightenment. His deeds of mystic powers are folklore in Pazhayannur village. After the departure of this great Sage it fell to disuse and Mother Nature claimed it as her own.

As an inevitable coincidence

Acharya Bala came to this place and decided to use this land as the space to further his experimental learning. The wilderness provided a perfect foil to the world’s fast paced life. It was here that Acharya Bala relentlessly undertook his Mantra Sadhana and ritualistic practices as per the guidance of his Guru and thus realised the relevance of this location for spiritual growth. So he decided to turn this sacred place into an abode for yogic evolution.

Thapobhoomi is a place where one can transcend their worldly bonds to achieve divine elation. It has been transformed into a tranquil dwelling for those who wish to experience ascetic solitude to realize the cosmic consciousness. Today Thapobhoomi is the perfect abode for Advance Residential Courses for the spiritual facet of yogic practices.